Sugarmoonaki: Theyre 70% away from their goal!!! Keep reblogging!! Many thank yous to who shared …

Sugarmoonaki: Theyre 70% away from their goal!!! Keep reblogging!! Many thank yous to who shared and donated! ❤️❤️❤️ sugarmoonaki: Boozhoo/hello! My cousin from my community needs help with fundraising for her daughters NG feeding tube supplies! Also, she hasnt been able to work since shes with her daughter in the hospital. Here is some background: “Hello everyone, my daughter Emilia Bouchard is now 9 months. She was diagnosed with infantile spasms (seizure disorder) at 4 months. Emilia is delayed in her development, but will soon to get physio, occupational, and speech therapy. Its been a long 5 months of trying to get her seizures under control with the right medication. She is still in the process of trying to find the right one. Doctors are trying to find a cause to her seizures, we are now going to see if genetics could be the cause. The doctors plan right now is to find a seizure medication that will hopefully stop the seizures completely. During her few months on a high dose steroid, her immune system weakened. She did have pneumonia 2x since then in which she had to be admitted in the hospital and put on oxygen. The last time she was admitted in the hospital 4 weeks ago, they decided to NG tube feed her because the doctors felt like when she was feeding orally with a bottle, the liquid was going into her lungs instead of her stomach, causing an infection (pneumonia). She is now currently on the NG feeding tube to this day and will be for a while until the dietian says we can start trying to feed her orally with a bottle. It may takes some practise for her considering she has been on NG tube feeding for almost a month. But Im sure we will get there. Note; she has been off oxygen for almost a week now 🙂 progress. She is getting there slowly. Since she will be on the NG feeding tube for a while, Im asking for any donations to help cover the costs of the feeding pump and supplies. Prayers and thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.
Anything will help!!! Even sharing! Please help this Indigenous baby ❤️ Shes been through a lot, so helping the family would mean so much. Meegwetch/thank you!

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